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Home Safety Without a Carer

Ensuring home safety can be difficult without a carer, but there are measures you can put in place while you decide on the right home care solution for you. Home safety Nothing is quite like a person being on hand to physically help. Whether it’s cooking a meal, answering...

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Elderly Tech Solutions For Peace-of-Mind

A house cleaning robot, hairdryer stand, magnifying desk lamp, Hive heating and door sensor set, can all make a big difference to your loved one’s wellbeing as well as your peace of mind.  Tech solutions for peace-of-mind Your loved one might not be ready for a carer just yet,...

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How To Set Up a Caregiving Schedule

With the right scheduling tool, you can coordinate with friends and family members and professional carers to provide better, more structured care for your loved one. How to set up a caregiving schedule As a carer, you already know how busy you are. Between medical appointments, physiotherapy sessions, running...