Our Top Elderly Care Websites

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Three out five people in the UK will require care at some point in their lives. But when you or a loved one requires some form of care it can be difficult to know where to start. We have compiled a list of the top elderly care websites, to help you find the information you need.

Despite three in five people requiring care, there’s not many trustworthy sources of information out there providing people with the knowledge they need to make a decision. Too many of us in the UK have had no exposure to, or advice about, finding and organising care, and are left feeling lost when starting out.

When thinking about care there are a number of  factors to take into consideration:

  • The type of care you require
  • Whether you are entitled to direct payments
  • Understanding the skills and qualifications of care workers

Our top 15 elderly care websites provide everything you need to know, whether you’re looking for yourself, for your parent or if you’re currently being cared for. The list is in no particular order as they all offer something unique.

Elderly Care Information:

1. The BBC provides an excellent service that can roughly calculate the amount you will have to pay before you are entitled to financial assistance – taking in to account assets, income, age and location. It gives you a weekly break down of your costs dependent on the type of care you require. They also have a broad spectrum of articles and videos about care in the UK.

2. Which offers a great service and will answer many questions you have about the type of care you require. They also have a care advice tool –  which is a simple form that will predict, generate and answer numerous questions about which you might not have thought. It also has expert advice on financing care, and information about what benefits you can receive if you are caring for a loved one.

3. NHS Care Choices is your guide to care and support. They provide information about how to assess your care needs and how you can go about planning for your own future care. They also provide a great tool that enables you to search for different types of care in your area. 4. MyAgeingParent is aimed at “helping you to help them”. If you are thinking about introducing your parent to care in the near future myageingparent is a great place to start – being an internet based company we also like that they have a section dedicated to everything elderly tech! 5. Age UK is the largest charity in the UK working with older people. It has extensive information about keeping your mind and body healthy, your healthcare rights and advice about relationships as you get older. They operate an advice line and have walk in centres around the UK, offering support and training seminars such as how to become tech savvy and what local community support is available to you. 6. Independent Age offers advice and support for older age. Independent Age has three main charitable goals – they offer advice, befriending and they campaign for older people. If you’re over 65 have a look at the Wise Guides, they cover a range of topics and offer some great advice for older people. 7. Good Care Guide allows you to find, rate and review local elderly care agencies. 8. EAC is a national charity that aims to help older people make informed choices about meeting their housing and care needs. They provide free, impartial and highly regarded information and advice. 9. Care Directions objective is to empower people with the information they will need to make truly informed choices – to give them continuing control in their lives, or the lives of their loved ones. 10. TrustedCare is an online directory of care homes and home care (domiciliary) services in the UK. All of the care home reviews on the site are verified as having come from someone who has had direct contact with the care home being reviewed – be it a family member, a friend, or the person experiencing the care themselves. 11. My Care My Home is a charity dedicated to improving the quality of care provided by domiciliary care providers and care homes. It helps people to secure funding for their care without always having to sell their home. 12. HomeTouch; here we provide a clear and transparent way to find local self-employed carers, who have been pre-approved by our expert team. Employing a carer directly can be a complex business, for all the control you retain in selecting your carer individually, you also have to organise the legal side of becoming an employer and finding holiday and sick cover should that need arise. With HomeTouch, you don’t have to worry about that side of things. We take care of the administration, while you concentrate on choosing the best person to care for your loved one.