HomeTouch now offering new monitoring service for elderly

Canary Care and HomeTouch

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are offering Canary Care’s home monitoring service for all HomeTouch customers. Canary Logo 300x261 HomeTouch now offering new monitoring service for elderly, HomeTouch Blog The sensor technology monitors movement, door activity, and temperature levels to identify potential health risks or hazards, providing carers and families with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your loved one is safe and well. At HomeTouch, our customer service team has a duty of care to our customers, whose families increasingly rely on us to advise on the appropriate levels of care, to preserve their loved one’s dignity, comfort and safety at home. Canary’s product is easy to use, affordable and unintrusive, providing important information about the physical and emotional state of your loved one. Many of our customers suffer with dementia. If they leave the house in the middle of the night, the Canary Care monitoring device will alert you, so that you can take the appropriate actions to return your loved one to safety. We are offering this service for a deeper level of safety and security. Canary Care systems don’t use cameras or microphones, so your privacy and that of the person being cared for is protected. We help those who want to remain in their homes during their silver years, to do so, and as a result everything we do at HomeTouch is to keep people comfortable and secure in their own homes as long as possible. Stuart Sheehy, CEO of Canary Care, said:
We are thrilled to work with HomeTouch as we are aligned in a shared mission to apply technology to facilitate keeping elderly and vulnerable people safely in their homes. This partnership will provide the perfect combination of human support with technology reinforcement to truly support the growing ageing population to remain independent at home.
If this interests you, we can help you to arrange instalment of Canary Care in the home of your loved one. This affordable and unintrusive product is taking HomeTouch’s services one step further. By using modern technology, we can help to bring the care sector up-to-date by positively impacting on the lives of the elderly and their carers. If you’re interested in Canary Care, visit www.canarycare.co.uk or speak with Canary Care support team: 01865 408366