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We have 89 carers in Hammersmith who can help you today

Looking for live-in care in Hammersmith? At HomeTouch, we specialise in providing the best care for people with dementia. We’ll match your loved one with an expert carer who can offer them the care and support they need. Our professional care service in Hammersmith can give elderly people support through a variety of issues. Whether it’s palliative, post-operative or specialist dementia care, our unique matching service makes sure your loved one gets the level of care they need.

Friendly faces

Here are just a few of our expert carers
 Hammersmith, HomeTouch Blog
Alison B.
Over 39 years experience in social care
 Hammersmith, HomeTouch Blog
Rodia S.
A specialist in spinal injury care
 Hammersmith, HomeTouch Blog
Wendy M.
A bingo aficionado with over 14 years care experience
 Hammersmith, HomeTouch Blog
Nyoni N.
A qualified physiotherapist who loves the great outdoors
 Hammersmith, HomeTouch Blog
Maggy J.
Has been assisting clients with Alzheimer's and brain injuries since 2000
 Hammersmith, HomeTouch Blog
Jack H.
10 years experience working with people with Parkinson's and dementia
 Hammersmith, HomeTouch Blog
Keti L.
Loves making a difference in people's lives
 Hammersmith, HomeTouch Blog
Tina Jean L.
Loves cooking, theatre, reading and playing Scrabble